Volleyball in Campbell County, KY

Volleyball is a great way to spend time with friends, make new friends and stay in shape. At Southern Lanes Sports Center, we’re well-known as the destination for some great volleyball action, no matter what time of year it is! Our sports bar in Campbell County, Kentucky plays host to leagues, as well as recreational play, giving you the perfect opportunity to set up a spike and ace your way to victory. We offer a variety of league styles for men, women and coed teams, giving you the opportunity to have a great time while showing off your skills. Our leagues are conveniently scheduled throughout the week, giving you the consistency of a set schedule.

Indoor and Outdoor Courts


We’re proud to be one of the only establishments in the area with both indoor and outdoor sand volleyball courts. We have 2 indoor and 2 outdoor courts, both regulation size. During the offseason or in the event of inclement weather, our indoor courts are the perfect solution. When the sun is shining and the weather is ideal, our outdoor courts are where the action is at! For more information about our indoor/outdoor sand volleyball courts, or to inquire about league signups, please stop in or call Shawne at 859-803-2494.


We host a “King of the Beach” lottery, either on the first or third Saturday of every month, year round providing we have a sufficient amount of players to do so. The lottery is run from a computer-generated program which provides you with the opportunity to play with different individuals each game. The price is $20 per person which includes pizza, drink tickets, prizes for the “King” and “Queen” of the Beach and, more importantly, an opportunity to have a ton of fun with other volleyball players. All skill sets are welcome.

If interested, there are several ways for you to sign up:

  • Use the Lottery link and fill out the registration form
  • Contact Ken Perkins at 859-663-7703 or [email protected]
  • Sign up on Facebook for events posted on Facebook